Personal Training Packages

L1 Performance brings you unique PT packages, designed to suit every body

Whether you are looking to diversify your training or have never tried personal training before, we have a package designed for you, in the heart of Leeds.

Every package allows you to track your improvement, better your fitness and enjoy the best personal training in Leeds. Pick one that suits you or give us a call 0113 245 2577 to talk through the options. We look forward to seeing you at L1 Performance soon!



The 4 Week Personal Training Taster Package

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From £30 a week

  • Initial consultation
  • Food diary check
  • 2 Personal Training sessions with a Senior Instructor
  • 4 Group Training classes

Perfect for new clients that are wanting to take their training up a gear, train in the 1st and 3rd week 1-2-1 with your Instructor and train in our group training class every week to keep the momentum going and see the best results.

The 6 Week Full Body Kick Starter package

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From £45 a week

  • Full initial consultation
  • Food diary check with Nutritional advice
  • 6 Personal Training sessions with a mixture of our coaching staff
  • 2 RYDE Classes
  • 2 Group Training classes
  • 2 BURN classes

Ideal for clients wanting to find their perfect training method, try out a few of our trainers and see what they do first hand. Train once a week with them, and then double up your training with 1 class a week from any of our class options to keep your training varied.

The 8 Week Bikini Body Package

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From £50 a week

  • Full consultation
  • Food diary check with Nutritional advice
  • 4 Personal Training sessions with one of our Senior coaches
  • 4 Private Reformer Pilates sessions with Steph, our Pilates Instructor
  • 4 RYDE classes
  • 4 BURN classes

Work those hard to train places with one of our expert training team, one of our Personal trainers will make you work whilst Steph will lean you out and ensure you are balanced. Alternate between PT and Pilates whilst doubling up your training with high intensity classes.

The 10 Week L1 Top Tier Training Package

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From £55 a week

  • Full Consultation and body fat analysis (start and finish)
  • Fitness test (start and finish)
  • 10 Personal Training sessions
  • 15 classes

L1 gives you the chance to train with our senior Coaches, through 10 tough weeks of intensive training.  To keep your training up try alternating between Group Training, BURN and Yoga classes, which your trainer will personally advise you upon sign up. Full consultation, body fat analysis and fitness test before and after your 10 weeks will show you the real results you’ve achieved.

The 12 Week Transformation Package

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From £90 a week

  • A set number of hours in the gym with your coach
  • Workout programs carefully designed around you, your unique goals and metabolism
  • Your diet plan – again tailored and constantly tweaked to take into account your unique biochemistry
  • Personalised supplementation advice
  • Continuing results checking via body analysis and body fat testing
  • Before and after photos to show your change
  • Lifestyle management advice to enable you to always get the most out of your training, and fit it around your life and work as seamlessly as possible
  • A lifestyle plan for you to continue on with after your 12 Week Transformation
  • An open social media forum for all clients to ask advice on, and to talk with others on the same journey
  • 24 classes
  • 24 Personal Training sessions

The 12 Week program is a lot more intense than your normal Personal Training, and is just as effective on new comers to the training world as it is to people who may already have a Personal Trainer. This program is not only a change in training but a change in lifestyle and we are here on hand to help you all the way through it. We have selected specialised and experienced coaches in Transformations that don’t just promise results but guarantee them.