1-2-1 Yoga Classes Leeds

Yoga is an ancient form of whole body & mind practice that boosts physical and mental wellbeing, focussing on strength, flexibility, mindfulness and breathing.

Yoga makes a great addition to any workout regime, and can benefit you in many different ways.

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Yoga is a natural de-stressor, relaxing, strengthening and energising in the same measure.

It originated in India around 5000 years ago and focusses on controlled breathing and developing bodily strength. Breathing is at the core of our every day and learning to breathe mindfully results in greater oxygen absorption rates, increased blood flow and energy for the whole body.

On your introduction to Yoga, you may not be able to touch your toes, let alone arm balance, but soon you will notice a gentle loosening of your muscles and an increase in your whole body strength flexibility.

Research undertaken by Professor Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin found that through practicing Yoga, the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity leading to improved immune function and greater happiness. Countless research has shown the health benefits at all ages of regular yoga practice.

L1 offers 1 to 1 Yoga classes tailored to you.

You may be at the beginning of your yoga practice or perfecting your shoulder stand. 1 to 1 sessions allow you to progress your personal practise, as well as participating in a regular class. our yoga teacher, freya, will tailor your class to your specific needs and level of experience.

L1 offers a relaxing and supportive environment with premium facilities for changing and showering.

L1 adopts an inclusive approach and we treat and train our first time visitors, who may be at the start of their health and fitness journey, with the same respect as we pay to the professional athletes who use our facilities.

All you need to bring is your basic kit; top and bottoms.

We will provide the rest for you; towels toiletries and of course yoga mats!

We advise that you come to L1 a few minutes before the sessions starts, so you have time to prepare and get the most out of your session time!

You’ll be greeted upon arrival at the reception desk and we will show you where the changing facilities are and where Yoga studio is.

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The Team

Freya is a qualified yoga instructor as well as a professional contemporary dancer. She runs Vinyasa flow based Yoga classes at L1 Performance. Be a Yoga Hero!

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