1-2-1 Pilates Classes Leeds

Pilates is a sequence of exercises performed using mats and specialised equipment, to improve core physical strength and flexibility.

Pilates can help with several common conditions including back and neck pain, knee, ankle and wrist problems caused by poor posture and repetitive strain injuries. Many women find Pilates of benefit during and after pregnancy.


Pilates can make a difference to your health by improving fitness, strength and flexibility as well as helping to maintain and improve bone density.

Pilates promotes fluency of movements and is known to improve co-ordination.

Pilates is a fun way to relax and overcome stress. This gentle system of exercise actually reintroduces you to your own body.

As you begin to understand your body and how it works, you will find that tension is released, relaxing you and reducing the perceived stresses and strains of daily life.

Pilates often complements rehabilitation and injury recovery, reduces risk of injury and helps to improve sports performance.


Some people feel more comfortable in a 1 to 1 session than participating in a class and our Pilates teacher, Ria, will tailor your class to your specific needs and level of experience.

L1 offers a relaxing and supportive environment with premium facilities for changing and showering.

L1 adopts an inclusive approach and we welcome first time visitors, who may be at the start of their health and fitness journey, with the same respect as we pay to the professional athletes who use our facilities.

All you need to bring is your basic kit; top and bottoms.

We will provide the rest for you; towels toiletries and of course mats!

We advise that you come to L1 at least five minutes before the sessions starts, so you have time to prepare and get the most out of your session time!

You’ll be greeted upon arrival at the reception desk and we will show you where the changing facilities are and where the Pilates studio is.

The Team

Ria is originally from Leeds and has over 10 year experience teaching and practicing Pilates, and believes strongly in the mind-body benefits that come with this practice.

For more information about Ria, please click here.