Personal Training

L1 Personal Training

At L1 Performance, our personal training sessions really are personal.

We work with the individual needs and goals of our clients to create bespoke plans that will benefit you throughout your entire life.


L1's Owner and Performance Director

About Kyle

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Kyle worked as a Physical Training Instructor in the Army for over 9 years before moving to London to work in Canary Wharf.

There he was a Personal Trainer in one of London’s leading studios, training clients from the financial district for nearly 4 years.

Please contact for all enquiries about Kyle.


L1's Performance Coach

About Paul

Paul is a highly experienced fitness professional and Personal Trainer of 15 years with a successful record and reputation within the industry. He studied at one of the top universities for an Exercise Science and Nutrition degree (LMU). Paul then went onto to study a VTCT Personal Training diploma and is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist.
Paul is a body transformation specialist and uses his in-depth knowledge of training and nutrition to nurture each individual and take them on their journey. Paul’s routes are founded within strength and conditioning and the art of Thai boxing. He is a trainer who has a proven successful track record and is very experienced but most importantly he will commit to you if you commit to the process.

Please contact for all enquiries about Paul.


L1's BURN Instructor and Coach

About Jemma

Jemma is originally from Sydney Australia and recently moved to Leeds with her Rugby League boyfriend. Jemma has  a degree in Eexercise Physiology and has been working in personal training and group training for over 5 years. She specialises in training people of all backgrounds – including those suffering with specific health issues, such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Her group classes here at L1 Performance focus on a fast and fun fat-burning routine of high-intensity interval training with great music to help you Burn! Jemma will help you achieve your fitness goals, look and feel your best with a fun, upbeat approach to perfectly suit your ability.


L1's Transformation Coach

About Charles

Having studied nutrition and exercise, Charles has developed a niche for body transformations. Dropping body fat and getting into shape for a holiday, a special event, or just to look good, is done quickly and efficiently.

Charles is also skilled in contest preparation having trained bikini competitiors to UK championship and professional level. Charles himself is a Physique champion, having won the Maimi Pro fitness model title, making him well aware of the rigours of contest preparation and getting into shape in a short time period.


Please contact for all enquiries about Charles.


L1 Coach

About Lewis

Lewis is an experienced coach who has worked in many different areas from personal training to strength and conditioning, with professional sports teams.

He is a natural bodybuilding British finalist and currently studying a Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, after completing a degree in Sport Performance Conditioning. Lewis has also presented at fitness exhibitions across the UK and Germany.

Lewis has gained a high level of understanding and in depth knowledge within exercise and nutrition, which will enable you to achieve your goal. This may be weight loss, muscle growth, sport performance or simply to improve your overall health.


RYDE Instructor and Trainer

About Natalie

Natalie is an enthusiastic and motivational RYDE spin instructor and personal trainer who is passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing.

After a 10 year career as an academic lawyer, and previously a fee earner, Natalie comes from a coaching background with a track record for getting results.

She left academia to follow her dream of setting up a business with a holistic approach to fitness, and appreciates how much a healthy body can improve wellbeing, especially those with busy jobs and hectic lifestyles. Natalie was a regular participant at group exercise classes prior to her career change and believes they can relieve stress and increase productivity and motivation in the workplace.

Natalie has experience of working with a variety of clients; including those interested in weight loss, improved nutrition, those struggling with health, pre and post natal,and injury rehabilitation. With experience in counselling and mediation, Natalie is able to assist those with both physical and psychological barriers to exercise.

Natalie works with clients having short term transformational goals such as weddings, holidays and sporting events, and those wanting to fit regular, time efficient exercise into their weekly routine. In her spare time Natalie enjoys thai boxing and running and last year completed the Leeds Half and Yorkshire Marathon. She has recently been appointed as Running Events Ambassador for Sue Ryder.

Why L1 Personal Training?

Our team of coaches are personally selected by L1’s owner, Kyle, for their experience and skills as personal trainers.

Whether you’re training for an event, wanting to lose weight or just looking to improve your general fitness, L1 has a coach to suit you. Unlike many personal training programs, we go the extra mile to make sure your plan is tailored specifically to you, making sure you truly get the most out of every session.

Stepping up your training

Personal training is a step up from working out in a group session, and can really help to push you further and help you reach your goals. We focus on more than just short term transformation, looking beyond a toned body to keep you moving well throughout your entire life. A good training plan can help beat conditions like arthritis and diabetes in old age, as well as keeping you in shape and feeling great.

Our coaches will push you to reach your limits whilst working within your abilities. No matter you age or fitness level, we’ll work with you to ensure you feel happy and healthy as well as looking good.



First Consultation is Free

Per hour session £47.50

Block of 6 £270.00

Block of 12 £520.00

Block of 24 £960.00

The bigger the block of sessions you purchase then you more discount you will receive.